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Lean Innovation at Nike

Nike: From Child Labor To Social Responsible Lean Innovation

  From poster child for lack of responsibility to catalyst of positive change In the 1990s, Nike, one of the premiere shoe manufacturers in the world, worn by the greatest names in sports from Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods or Maria Sharapova, became a poster child for lack of corporate responsibility. The Nike product has become a […]

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5 Rules That a Lean Manager Should Follow

  5 Rules that a Lean Manager should follow In the Lean philosophy, the  manager’s mission does not directly consists in generating added value for the client. It consists rather in ensuring that the conditions for the employees, who directly contribute to the creation of added value for the client, are optimal.  To pursue this objective, […]

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Why Does Lean Management fail?

Why Does Lean Management fail? Lean Management, from the word “lean” which means something without fat, light and well-balanced, is a philosophy that was initially developed by Toyota for its manufacturing systems. It refers to a complex and sophisticated set of rules, tools and principles designed to pursue performance in productivity, quality, delays and waste […]

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Kaizen-work-smarter not harder

Work smarter, not harder. How to Make Kaizen Work for Your e-mails ?

How to Make Kaizen Work for You? Kaizen is a very powerful corporate philosophy that can drastically improve productivity for as long as it is observed. It roots from Japanese work ethics post World War II that anchors on the importance of continuous improvement in the workplace. Though more commonly adopted by companies as guiding […]

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How Lean Management Work at Harley-Davidson

How Innovation and Lean Management Work at Harley-Davidson ?

How Innovation and Lean Management Work at Harley-Davidson ? WE understand that sometimes, lean management and innovation can hardly coexist. How can you streamline and reduce costs and variation when you’re always developing something new? But we are also glad to let our readers know that it can actually be done; Harley-Davidson has proved to […]

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Lean Management Tools : A3 Report for your Lean Transformation

  Paper can revolutionize your business (and I’m not talking about money) Unknown Lean Management Tools : A3 for your Lean Transformation      The A3 Strategy is a Lean Management tool which can be considered as an embodiment of the whole lean management philosophy. To start with, it is a planning and implementation tool which is short, […]

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Lean Office – Get Your Desk Lean

Lean Office : Get Your Desk Lean ! The more inventory a company has, the less likely they will have what they need – Taiichi Ohno Applying lean principles in management, business processes, and other organization services  is easy to understand, but applying the same principles to you own  office environment may be confusing even to those who consider themselves […]

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7 Techniques Lean Managers Use to Build Motivation Culture

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas Edison 7 Techniques a Lean Manager Use to Build Motivation Culture Lean production process can only be achieved if the performance of the workers involved are at its highest level. Lean managers, however, must […]

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Distinguish fake from real Lean Management

How to Distinguish Fake from Real Lean Management ? Lean Management is a way of running a business organization that involves the concept of continuous improvement by way of systematically seeking to achieve small but incremental changes in the processes with the aim of improving quality and efficiency. Lean management aims to eliminate waste of […]

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Taiichi-Ohno-Lean-Management Belgium

Taiichi Ohno, Lean Management Sensei and His Tools

Lean Sensei and His Tools In the manufacturing industry, there is a systematic way of eliminating waste – lean production. The whole idea of lean production is ridding manufacturing processes of waste resulting from overburden and waste coming from uneven work loads. Any person who has mastered and teached this skill is called a Lean […]

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How Can You Build a Business Operating System ?

How Can Lean Managers Build a Business Operating System? Business operating systems were already in existences before the term became popular. “It was the codified set of operations and instructions on how to run a specific business. This allows a company to replicate its operations on a smaller scale or for franchises.” Typically, the business […]

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Our 10 Best BPM Practices

10 Best BPM Practices from the Experts Business process management is about more than optimizing efficiency and improving profitability. While these are well and good, BPM can also take into consideration your own business goals and objectives. If you want to incorporate corporate social responsibility and added work-life balance to how your business runs, this […]

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Toyota Six Sigma 14 Solid Principles Lean Six Sigma Belgium

Toyota Production System : 14 Solid Principles

  Toyota Production System (TPS) : 14 Solid Principles  Toyota Six Sigma We like to call the processes that have made up Toyota’s magnificent company culture and seamless manufacturing processes as Toyota Six Sigma. It’s not enough to call it lean or Six Sigma in itself. Just like a Japanese craftsman of old, they’ve honed their company […]

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